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Welcome to Hola Business

Hola Business is South Africa's #1 business planning tool, developed specifically to help entrepreneurs get their business off the ground! 

Through 12 interactive, online modules, we'll walk you through your startup journey as you develop a detailed, professional Business Plan.

With Hola Business you'll:

Build your Business Plan

As you learn the ins-and-outs of starting a business, you’ll build your business and financial plan as you go.

Learn essential knowledge

12 modules covering all you need to know in getting your business started, from financial forecasting to marketing.

Test your skills

Take the reins of an imaginary business for a year. See if your financial and business decisions will super-size or shrink its profit!

Why do I need Hola Business?

  • You will save time and money in getting your business started
  • It's developed specifically for startup businesses
  • You learn and create your Plan at the same time
  • You'll get a professional document, with all layout, structure, etc. taken care of for you
  • Hola Business is packed with powerful and helpful features and exercises
  • It's convenient and easy to access! All you need is a PC, tablet or smartphone with internet connection
  • It's by South Africans, for South Africans, and backed by 50+ years' experience
Hola Business if the ideal online entrepreneur training course.

Get all the tools you need to kickstart your business:

  • 12 x interactive online modules (30+ hours of online training)
  • PDF downloads of your Plans
  • Develop your Vision, Mission & SMART Goals (Balanced Scorecard)
  • Define your Action Plans & strategy
  • Develop your Income Statement, Cash Flow & Balance Sheet forecasts
  • Create your Executive Summary
  • Business Simulator
  • Customisable cover pages for your Plans
  • Case studies and exercises
  • Develop your Wheel of Life and personal goals
  • Additional resources (useful documents, supplementary exercises, etc.)

Get all this for just R1 499 and begin building your business today!

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Course Contents

We’ll teach you how to get your business up and running through 12 interactive, in-depth modules. (Times indicated are a general guideline.)

2 hrs

Personal Goals

Develop your Wheel of Life, and set actions plans to achieve your personal goals.

0.5 hrs

Cycles of Your Business

Your business will go through different cycles. You'll learn about them here.

4 hrs

From Idea to Plan

In this module, you'll define your business, market, SWOT Analysis and more.

10 hrs

Business Planning

Develop your Vision, Mission, SMART Goals, Balanced Scorecard & Action Plans.

0.5 hrs

Intro to Financial Forecasting

A quick introduction to financial forecasting.

1 hr

Understanding Costs

Identify & learn about the types of costs you’ll need to get to grips with as a business owner.

2 hrs

Pricing for Profit

Setting a price isn't guesswork. Learn how to go about creating your pricing strategy.

6 hrs

Financial Scorecard

Learn about the Financial Scorecards & develop your 3-yr Income Statement forecast.

6 hrs

Managing Working Capital

Get to grips with how cash flow makes your business tick & complete your Financial Plan.

0.5 hrs

BONUS: Setting up Your Business

What you need to know about tax, compliance and more.

0.5 hrs

BONUS: Getting Finance

Need to get finance? Here are the main funding options available to you.

1 hr

BONUS: Marketing for Startups

Let's talk about promoting your business.




Why you need a Business Plan

Your Business Plan takes your business idea and turns it into a viable strategy. It's the most important document your potential investors will expect to see when considering investing in your business.
That's why it's crucial to get it right first time. Hola Business will help ensure you've got everything covered in a professional, comprehensive document.




Online entrepreneur training

Test Your Business Skills

Demo your business skills in our business simulator

In business, you’ll constantly face new challenges and hurdles. The way you deal with them has short- and long-term effects on your business profitability. Put your skills to the test with our intelligent business simulator!

Hola Business is South Africa’s only online tool providing a business course, business plan development and business simulations in one complete package!

Hola Business is brought to you by:

Megan Stark

Megan comes from an entrepreneurial background, with strong business acumen. With over 34 years’ experience running her own successful company, Megan has developed a deep understanding and know-how for what it takes for businesses to succeed. She's now using this experience and entrepreneurial drive to help other businesses achieve success by having the right foundation in place. 

Megan is a member of Woman’s Presidents Organisation, a USA-based thinktank for successful woman-owned businesses around the world.

Matt Johnson

Matt has over 20 years of training and consultancy experience, both within South Africa and abroad, focused on improving business and entrepreneurship skills. Working with large corporates, including some of South Africa’s biggest banks, Matt provides a range of specialist business training courses.

His passion for the growth and success of small business entrepreneurs, and his extensive experience, has shaped the user-friendly and integrated nature of the Hola Business training content and methodology.

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