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Hola Business provides the framework for you to write your business plan effectively and professionally. You’ll do this through an intensive entrepreneurial crash course that’s developed to get you up to speed quickly with what you need to know to be successful as a startup business.

Here’s how it works:


Sign up! To begin your business journey, you’ll need to register first.

Don’t worry – we’ve made signing up super easy. Within a few minutes, you’ll have complete access to the Hola Business universe, and can begin developing your Plan.

* You can use Hola Business on your PC / laptop, tablet or mobile phone, though PC / laptop is recommended. You'll need an internet connection at all times.



Once you're registered, you’ll be directed to the Hola Business Dashboard.

This will be the main dashboard where you can begin new course modules, manage and edit your business plan, access essential resources and more.




Start the programme by beginning the course modules!



The unique thing about Hola Business is the step-by-step training method it gives you.

It walks you through the entire startup planning process in 12 in-depth modules, while providing essential knowledge and skills.





As you learn, you’ll need to answer many strategic questions relating to your business. 

The information you provide will automatically populate your Business and Financial Plan!



Before you begin your business planning, spend a moment on plotting your personal goals using the tools you’ll find inside.




You’ll then move on to the business planning component, where you’ll use the tools to develop your executive summary, SWOT analysis, Balanced Scorecard and in-depth action plan.



Next, the financials! You’ll start with interactive, exercise-driven modules that will help you better understand your costs and how to price for profit…



…then you’ll compile your budget and financial scorecard with our easy-to-use Income, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet forecasting tools!



At the end of the course, you’ll have a complete Plan that you can pitch to your potential investors!

Easily make any tweaks and revision you need to your plans through the Hola Business Dashboard. All formatting and layout is taken care of for you, all you need to do is customise your cover page.

Hit Download and you have your plan!




But that’s not all you get! Once you’ve completed the course, head on over to the Frosty’s Business Simulation to put your skills to the test in our realistic business simulator.

You’ll need to make the best business decisions in order to lead Frosty’s through the many real life challenges of running a profitable business.


Use the Resources section to access important documents and websites that will be handy to have on hand along your startup journey.


All the tools you need to get your business started. Sign up today!

Got a great business idea? Take the next step!

Sign up today and get all the tools you need to kickstart your business, for just R1 499!

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