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Hola Business is an online training programme designed to help you develop your complete Business Plan while learning some of the most important skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur. It’s designed for the aspiring entrepreneur who wants to transform that business idea into a reality.

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Hola Business:

Startup Business Course

Learn what you need to get your business off the ground with 12 in-depth modules developed for the startup entrepreneur.

Your Custom Business Plan

You’ll generate your overview, Balanced Scorecard, action plans and financial forecasts as you work through each module.

Frosty’s Business Simulation

Take the reins of Frosty’s Ice Cream Shop to put your skills to the test in this realistic business simulation.

Your Personal Plan

Use Hola Business to develop your Wheel of Life, and plot your personal goals and action plans.

Essential Resources

Our resource library contains essential, up-to-date info on tax, legal, marketing and more, all in 1 place.

Access for 365 Days

Subscribers get full access to the Hola Business service for a whole year.

Save time and money in launching your business with Hola Business!

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Hola Business:



This is an excellent training programme for any startup entrepreneur wanting to put their business idea into motion. Worth every cent!


Pieter Watson

Financial Director




There’s a massive need to bring essential startup business skills to a wider audience in South Africa, and Hola Business fills this gap perfectly.


Neil Greenfield

Retired C-Suite Executive




The course content of Hola Business isn’t just extremely comprehensive; it’s presented in an enjoyable, easy-to-use manner as well. Great value for money!


Nadine Smythe

Small Business Accountant









With Hola Business, you'll not only get a professional, ready-to-present Business Plan. You will also develop the critical knowledge and know-how you need to run a successful startup business.


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Frequently Asked Questions


So my Business Plan is automatically populated by answers I supply throughout the course?
Yes! That’s exactly it. As you cover all the fundamentals of starting a business in the course, it offers a series of tools you’ll use to capture your Business Plan. You don’t just fill in a template; it teaches you the skills, knowledge and principles surrounding each area of the plan so that you are prepared for your road ahead.
What do I get in my Business Plan?
A professionally formatted document with all the information potential investors will need and expect. This includes:
  • Custom cover page
  • Complete business overview (Executive Summary)
  • Vision, Mission, SMART Goals (Balanced Scorecard)
  • Action Plan & Strategy
What do I get in my Financial Plan?
Your financial scorecard includes:
  • Custom cover page
  • 3-year Income forecast
  • Cash Flow forecast
  • Balance Sheet forecast
What will I learn in the course?
The course is developed for aspiring entrepreneurs who have a business idea, but need help turning it into an actual trading business. It covers everything you need to know in getting your business started from understanding business cycles to pricing and financial forecasting to marketing and more!
Once I’m complete with the course, can I go back and tweak my Business Plan?
Absolutely! You can easily make changes to your Plan in the Hola Business Dashboard. Or even run through specific areas of the course again and make changes that way.
What is the Frosty’s Business Simulation?
It’s a fun, realistic business strategy game where you take control of an imaginary business (Frosty’s Ice Cream Shop) for a year. You’ll need to take pricing and strategic business decisions through 12 scenarios and see how much money you make (or lose!).
Can I sponsor someone else?
Yes you can! Simply click on ‘Sign up for someone’ on the Sign Up page, and you’ll be given a voucher code that you can give to the person you’re sponsoring. 
What else do I get?
Hola Business is packed with features, including interactive exercises; valuable and helpful resources; a personal goals tool (including your very own Wheel of Life), and more!




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