Hola Business – the brains, composition, rationale, location


Hola Business, the online start-up business planning tool, was created by business planning and training specialist, and entrepreneur Matt Johnson, and B2B industry stalwart, entrepreneur and marketing guru Megan Stark

The concept developed from Matt’s insights into the primary reasons why entrepreneurs fail, which he gained through experience in providing business training and consulting over 2 decades in numerous industries. These include the banking, finance, reinsurance, automotive and government sectors. Megan’s marketing and business acumen, gained from 30+ years’ experience in the South African B2B environment, and in-depth knowledge of the digital environment prompted the platform for the concept. In 2020, Hola Business – South Africa’s #1 business planning tool, was born.

Hola Business is a subscription-based step-by-step business walk-through from expert trainers, developed by South Africans for South Africans. It teaches crucial start-up business fundamentals while generating customised business plans, with subscribers gaining knowledge of how to apply the essential skills needed to run a business.

The programme is designed to help entrepreneurs and those already in business develop their business and financial plans, tailored to their specific business. It is not a generic approach, and during the course entrepreneurs are made aware of pitfalls within their plan, and can receive guidance on how best to rectify them. A part of this unique course is the ability to test newly acquired business skills in a practical online business game. This, in conjunction with essential business knowledge acquired by working through the business cycles, prepares them for the real world of business. 

“The rationale for Hola Business is that there are simply far too many start-up businesses that fail, and not necessarily for lack of trying,” explains Hola Business co-founder and director Matt Johnson. “Many would be entrepreneurs have the drive and dedication, but either proceed on gut feel with little business savvy or are inadvertently misled by others who would provide guidance.” 

“We believe all budding entrepreneurs should have the resources to access essential business skills and be able gain them in an easy, intuitive and interactive manner,” adds co-founder and director Megan Stark. “Hola Business is a complete start-up business package that empowers entrepreneurs to convert their business concept into working business and financial plans that will see their business gain traction and momentum.”

Hola Business can be accessed on a computer, tablet or mobile phone via a web browser for a once-off subscription of R1 499.00. Hola Business subscribers receive:

  • Start-up business course
  • Custom-made business plan
  • Custom-made financial plan
  • Online business simulation exercises
  • Personalised ‘wheel of life’ plan for a balanced work life
  • Resources to tax and legislation requirements
  • Extra marketing resources

Hola Business is not exclusively for start-up entrepreneurs, and not exclusive to entrepreneurs only. The service can be used seasoned professionals, and all those involved in business planning and the execution thereof.

For more information about Hola Business, visit hola-business.co.za.